How To Increase Customer Engagement With Business Calendaring

how to increase customer engagement with business calendaring

Let’s face it Calendars aren’t the most attractive thing in the world. Calendars remind people of how crammed their schedules are, on a daily basis. There is nothing more depressing than a reminder of yet another task on our to-do list which we subconsciously forgot and desperately remind us to go on a vacation.  As […]

Team Calendaring: How to Create the Perfect Calendaring System for Your Team

Keeping track of your own commitments is challenging enough. But when you as a manager add on coordinating your team’s schedules on top of what you already need to do for work (and life), a solid calendar system is essential to reduce stress, manage time and boost productivity. Here is a 5 step process to […]

The Ultimate Guide for Planning the Perfect Event in 7 Easy Steps

how to plan the perfect event

Are you looking for how to prepare an event or for any event planning advice? You have come to the right place, don’t worry. We’ve seen a variety of organizations’ events throughout the years and have identified seven key steps that are critical to any successful event. While we cannot identify every aspect you’ll need […]

How to Effectively Manage an Executive Calendar 101: The Essential Guide

Calendar management for Executives

Effective calendar management is a very crucial component of the role of executive assistants. At least a third of an assistant’s day is spent, making their own schedule and organizing their executive’s calendar. The fundamental scheduling rule states that all scheduling must pass through you. You are solely responsible for scheduling all direct reports, appointments, […]

How To Transfer Ownership Of Google Calendar And Calendar Events

transfer ownership of google calendar

It may not occur to us readily that sometimes we need to change the ownership of our Google calendar. There are two main reasons when we need to transfer ownership. Firstly, you created a separate work calendar on Google where you kept track of all events and tasks. But now, it’s time to move on […]

Get More Focus Time With Google Calendar Appointment Slots

Get More Focus Time With Google Calendar Appointment Slots

With the current pandemic and all meetings and university classes being held online, using the appointment slots feature on google calendar has become more necessary now than ever before to reserve time during office hours. Besides, for regular executives and managers, a block of time can be used more productively if their colleagues know which […]

What to do when Google calendar events disappear

It’s Monday morning and with sleepy eyes, you go to your Google calendar to check what the day holds for you. As you see all the blank spaces, you rub your eyes thinking there must be a mistake. Within seconds it starts to sink in that the Google calendar events have disappeared into thin air. […]