Manage Your Workflow with Employee Time Tracking in 2023

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This article is for you if you’re serious about saving time. Effective time management is the need of the hour, whether you’re a leader who needs to keep time-controlled to better use your team’s hours or someone who wants to better manage their time. And the most effective method to do it is to employ the appropriate time management tools.

You’ll need time management software no matter how you operate. Time management refers to how you schedule and organize your time for various tasks, but it also comes with its own set of obstacles.

If you want to put together a team that is good at time management. Here are some of the most effective techniques for HR to track employee hours.

1. Track Remote Employees Work ⌚

Without a mobile attendance system, it’s tough to keep track of employee hours when they’re working away from the office or facility. For proper working hours, this information is connected with the payroll system.

Tackle’s powerful Calendar Analytics tool analyzes your and your team’s productivity through the calendar analytics feature that shows you bars and charts of time spent vs time sinks or people and organizations you’ve met for at-a-glance measurement and analysis.

2.Ensure Hours Are Complete, Accurate And Current ✅

A best practice for tracking employee hours is to have a system that streamlines the time-capturing process. This delivers accurate information for faster payroll and other reporting mechanisms. Whether the system is manual or automated, difficult aspects of tracking and approving employee hours become harder with a system that is not followed consistently.

With TimeTackle Executive Calendar Audit, align your time with your goals and priorities, optimize your team’s schedule for higher productivity and eliminate dysfunctional meetings in your organization. You can get a real sense of where you spend your time, adjust your schedule for the highest ROI. 

3. Have An Automated System For Regulatory Compliance 🏢

Meeting the myriad regulatory obligations necessitates accurate tracking. The Fair Labor Standards Act is the most important of them for American businesses. Any monitoring system should make following government regulations and internal policies simple.

Inaccurate or poor recordkeeping is a common cause of noncompliance. Using an automated system to track time and attendance can help businesses decrease errors and avoid costly non-compliance litigation.

Smart professionals are always looking for ways to maximize their impact by streamlining their workflows. You can use the Google Sheets Sync feature in Tackle to manage their workforce and projects, maintain relationships with their customers and build other tools to automate their workflows. Combined with our Smart Tagging feature TimeTackle gives you a very powerful tool to bolster your and your team‘s productivity.

4. Select A System That Easily Integrates With Other Applications ⚙

When it comes to the best ways to track employee hours, utilizing software that is specialized to data collection only solves a portion of the problem. The other component is data sharing with other applications.

This is crucial for payroll, vacation, and compliance purposes. In an ideal world, data exchange and integration would be seamless.

Tackle’s chrome extension provides seamless integration with Google Calendar. This allows you to add tags, labels, categories, and other metadata to calendar events with ease.

5. Have A Tracking System That Makes It Easy To Complete Reporting And Administrative Tasks 🚨

For the majority of businesses, the challenge is utilizing time and attendance software that is difficult to use. The majority of systems have a free demo, which enables businesses to evaluate various features.

The ideal tracking system should be intuitive in its interaction with daily tasks. The optimal software solution has a robust collection of capabilities that is also scalable.

What makes Tackle special is that it caters to all types of its user’s needs. By using the Custom Reports feature you can generate as many different reports as you like to highlight key features of your calendar according to your objectives and the audience you want to present it to. And if you want to get a report of meeting spaces utilization, TimeTackle’s powerful Ai-generated software can easily crunch the numbers and other details for you.


By establishing a centralized system for tracking data, employees and management can more easily keep track of work hours. By selecting the appropriate solution, businesses can benefit from a time and attendance system that is quick, simple, and hassle-free.

You might be surprised by how much you can improve with the right tools. So, If you’re interested in learning more about how TimeTackle can help you, your team, and your enterprise gets up to speed with employee time tracking, you can learn more about it here or talk to sales to arrange a demo.